Hamburg wentorf kaserne

hamburg wentorf kaserne

entrance to the post office. ( see also below ) Munich - former Funk-Kaserne - Eagle at entry gateway. Berlin-Hermsdorf - Terracotta Eagle on a post office on Heinestraße. (photos courtesy Greg Pitty) Veltheim - The World War I memorial was erected in 1936, and had a swastika that has been only partially removed. Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen - Grenadier Kaserne - Eagle at the main entry (this is now a housing area). The eagle reportedly had a swastika on its breast. Berlin - Tempelhof Airport - Six Eagles appear at the corners of buildings in the Tempelhof complex (Police and government offices). It can be seen today in the Imperial War Museum in London. Würzburg - Nordkaserne - Eagle at corner of main gate building.

(photo donated) Burg Pyrmont -  Near Burg Eltz, in the Mosel River region - Eagle on a column of local basalt near a small chapel in the valley below Burg Pyrmont (does anyone know the history of this Eagle - why was it placed there?). Schleswig -  Eagle above the Finanzamt entry, Suadicanistraße. (courtesy Dominik Stockmann) Lenggries -  Former Prinz-Heinrich-Kaserne - Eagle on a pylon that used to be at the main gate (see period postcard below but is now on the parade ground.

Below - Period photos showing what this eagle originally looked like (Bundesarchiv) Berlin-Spandau -  Fort Hahneberg - a Nazi Eagle (now headless) with swastika was added to this 18th-century fortification's main entrance during the Third Reich period. The building was renovated in 2013 and the swastika was altered, but is still recognizable. Nahbereich übergemeindliche Aufgaben, und zwar neben der Abwasserbeseitigung insbesondere im Bereich der Bildung (Grundschule, Gemeinschaftsschule, Gymnasium, mehrere Kindertagesstätten aber auch auf den Gebieten Sport, Kultur, Umweltschutz. Wewelsburg -  former SS Kameradschaftshaus or Dorfgemeinschaftshaus (now the Ottens Hof guesthouse ) - Third Reich decorations on wooden benches erected in 1937.

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Hamburg - Former Douaumont Kaserne on Rodigallee - Eagle on a tall pylon at the entrance to the Kaserne (now a Bundeswehr University). Trinitats Church (former and current status) Böblingen -. Auf einem Login beruhen) sowie ggf. Bad Kreuznach - Former Hindenburg Kaserne (later.S. This eagle was removed. Army Ledward Barracks) - large Eagle on main gate building (note that this Eagle's head now faces opposite its original direction). Diese werden von uns und von unseren Vertragspartnern verwendet.