Schlegelstraße berlin

schlegelstraße berlin

over there with the iPhone guiding me only to find out that theyre closed for lunch was I ever disappointed. Awkwardly clearing my throat I tell him, that I didnt mean a brothel but wouldnt mind if the bar hes taking me wasnt an all male affair. Well connected quiet side street of Chaussestrasse. The dish was both - super weird creative and a mouth-explosion. Schwein, Eisbergsalat, French Dressing, Lotuswurzel, sorbet, Absinth, Fenchel, steinbutt, Marroni roh und puriert mit Lauch. Reinstoff is a beacon of light and is the cornerstone of a radical development of a new understanding of food in the bustling german captial. At a level of 2 stars I normally look forward to that. Pro: - very appealing interior, that resembles. Joghurtsorbet, Pflaume getrocknet, süesse Tapas, reinstoff is a restaurant in Berlin which had just received two Michelin stars. This feature is not available right now.

Reinstoff - Edison Höfe Berlin
Reinstoff, Schlegelstrasse, Berlin Dinner The real picky
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Non of brille oldenburg in holstein the 6 courses I had, gave me this mouth-explosion, where you hear the angels singing in your heart halleluja. And only the comolete composition resembled an abstract idea of that cake. Before you get the menu a selection of small, salty tapas is presented to the diner. January 2012, dinner, berlin, Fine Dining, Gourmet, Michelin, salzige Tapas, thon und Shiso. They just need to allow some slightly more radical ways of interpretation. I think reinstoff clearly qualifies as a must-visit for anyone enjoying a sensual and intellecutal relationship with food. In combination with the extraordinary industrial architecture of the historic Edison courtyards, the creative cuisine of Daniel Achilles - awarded. 2 Michelin Stars - so what does my opinion count? A boar came as 3 different meats of a boar -. He asked me if I meant a bar with girls and I replied sure. Everything was cooked professionally and everything tasted good. Im not going to ratlle off every individual detail of every dish.

Industrial, minimalistic, cool, not overdone. Similar con: the greater idea behind the dishes / the art of cooning. Share this article, share on Facebook, share on Twitter.